Annie Greene Debuts New Book

What Color is Water?

Growing Up Black in a Segregated South

Annie Greene has written her second autobiographical book and Artisans on the Square Gallery is proud to host the book debut along with the yarn art that tell the story.

1.WhatColorIsWater 1-72
What color is water ?

This exhibit will also include Georgia Farm Life in the 1940’s and original art made out of yarn.

Join us for the Reception on Saturday December 8 2018 from 3 – 6pm

        Annie Greene is a graduate of Albany State College and has a Masters of Arts degree in Art Education from New York University. Although Annie Greene is best known for her yarn art she is a painter and a craftsman. She is multi-talented  and worked as an art teacher for many years from elementary grades to college level. Much of Annie Greene’s work reflect southern traditions.