Dianne Cutler Photo

I am a plaster artist. There are not many of us out there. So few, in fact, that there is no category for me when applying for juried shows. I struggle with this and yet at the same time I find it amusing that I cannot be pigeonholed. I am not a painter, nor a ceramicist. I am not a metal worker or a woodworker, photographer, nor do I draw or build sculptures. But honestly, my work appears 3 dimensional, yet it is definitely 2-D. Perhaps I fall into the generic category of multimedia? I don’t know. It feels like a category the lumps all of the “others” that no one else can accurately pinpoint. The panels I create are inherently sculptural, yet I try to bring forth the essence of the subject, like in a still life painting. Maybe my work resides in its owncategory? That sits right with me, for personally, I’ve not found myself belonging to any particular group.

I have a love affair with nature and most in particular trees, leaves, and flowers. I grew up on the edge of a patch of woods in Essex Center, Vermont. Some of my fondest memories are of foraging the landscape, picking wildflowers and berries to bring home to my mother. It is from these wanderings that I developed my affinity with nature. Every living thing carries a vibrational blueprint that includes its essence and personality, form and function. My hope is that when you look at my work, you can also see what I see, the essence of the plant and how it speaks to me.

My work is etherial and fragile. It is a suggestion and a hint of something past. It is the manifestation of a personal conversation that I have with plants. I use the finest plaster and wash the front with natural mineral pigments from some of the last remaining quarries around the world.  The earth pigments are a conscience decision to incorporate a natural element into my work. I am a self taught artist on a never ending journey to express something that is true and of beauty. It is a labor of love and one that I hope speaks to your heart as well.

If you would like to see a video of my process you can visit: https://vimeo.com/ 267429125. Or if
you would like to view a portfolio of my work you can visit: www.diannecutlercom.
Thank you!