Keith Moore headshot
Keith Moore

      Keith Moore has a background in graphic design and the tender sensibility of an artist. He finds strength and inspiration in nature and draws from the color palette of his surroundings: Blues from the skies and waters. Greens from the trees of early spring. Reds, golds, umbers, yellows and browns of autumn.

            Keith puts patience, care, attention, and heart into every piece he creates and includes symbols that give him direction in his work and in his life: stars, hearts, spirals, feathers, and arrows, thus identifying every work as uniquely Keith Moore Art. He prefers working with distressed and reclaimed wood, both to prevent the destruction of living trees and to allow aged wood to “speak” during the artistic process, revealing the wood’s special character.

            Keith draws on a deep reservoir of reverence for nature, spirit animals, sacred objects, and the Native American way of life to create artwork that endures forever. With imagination and feelings as his guide, Keith’s art animates the natural world and gives it a voice. 

            Keith’s artistic style can also be seen in handcrafted wooden signs identifying all manner of commercial establishments, such as art galleries, loft apartments, event centers, museums, gift shops, bike shops, vacation retreats, hardware stores, restaurants, bars, cafes and coffee shops.  These include the Hill Brothers Corner and Hill Brothers Lofts signs on the building that houses Artisans on the Square, as well as the Artisans on the Square logo made from a ceiling tin salvaged during the renovation of Hill Brothers Corner. Each sign reflects the personality of the business owner, creates a lasting image for the public, and remains true to his artistic sensibilities.