Steve Boykin

     I started out painting landscapes, decided that I wanted to add people. Took a class on portraits and got hooked on people. I like for my portraits to tell somewhat of a story; what they are doing, where they are, something other than an Olin Mills type portrait.

     I only paint a painting once, I never duplicate . I figure if someone is willing to invest their money, they should have the only one there will ever be.

Janet McGregor Dunn

     I am inspired by nature and incorporate a lot of it into the design of my art pieces. My studio sits in the midst of a large wooded area. I often add found objects from the surrounding area into sun catchers and other works.

     All of the art pottery or sculpture I create are unique, never to be repeated. Even my smaller pieces are one-of-a-kind. I am not a fan of symmetry. I strive to create interesting shapes that change as you move around them, that cause the eye to travel.