Vinayak Godbole Artist

Vinayak Godbole


My paintings:  Color plays a central role in all of my paintings. My paintings are structured around geometric patterns that resemble landscapes. Distances are created by composing flat elements in subtle colors.

Concept: I have always wondered why people like or dislike paintings. It prompted me to think about the relationship between emotions and how we perceive colors. I also researched the works of colorists such as Rothko, Hans Hoffman, Nicolas de Stael, and Wolf Kahn.

As a result, my compositions have a passive appearance and gradually trigger a parasympathetic response.

Training and Shows: I started my art career by painting portraits on commission. I studied portrait and landscape painting at the Chitra Mandir Art Institute in India. In recent years, I switched from oil and watercolor to acrylic and acrylic impasto styles.

I am represented in a few galleries and shows in the Atlanta area, and I donate art to charitable auctions held at Georgia Lawyers for Arts.

I have previously participated in art exhibitions in Bombay, India’s National Centre for Performing Arts, the Mood Indigo cultural festival, and other locations.

My goal is to get my paintings, small and large, on as many walls as possible while also collaborating with designers.

Avi Deshmukh Photo

Avi Deshmukh


Avi’s paintings seamlessly merge realism with color field techniques, capturing evanescent moments of nature: the ethereal glow of sunlight filtering through treetops, the opulent hues of sunsets, the serene play of light upon oceans, and the majestic tumult of sea waves, evoking the innate artistry of the natural world. These artworks delve into the profound interplay of colors, shapes, and light, with landscapes serving as a canvas for exploring the nuances of color and form. Vibrant hues imbue the paintings with an immersive intensity, enveloping viewers in a captivating atmosphere.

In Avi’s latest seascape pieces, pine straws, leaves, crumpled plastic paper, and wood chips are intricately integrated into the color palette, lending texture to the forms depicted. Through layered application, translucent light is achieved, enhancing visual depth and drama. These works draw inspiration from impressions derived from Google Maps and Google Earth, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the artwork’s expansive scale. The textural quality of the pine straw evokes associations with fallen trees or mountain ridges, further enriching the viewer’s connection to the natural world depicted.


     Upon the shore, where sea waves break, A symphony of motion awake. With rhythmic pulse, they rise and fall, Each crest a tale, each foam-veil call.  In harmony with the ocean’s sway, Their melodies dance, night and day. Whispering secrets to the sand, They carry dreams to distant land.  With every crash, a song is born, Of timeless grace and strength untorn. In ebb and flow, a timeless flow, Songs of the sea, forever aglow.

— Avi Deshmukh–