Featured Artists

Bucky Bowles Artist Photo

Bucky is a full time artist who grew up camping, hunting and fishing in Southwest Georgia. As the son of a photographer and avid fisherman he was exposed to the beauty of nature and the challenges of the sporting life as a young boy. He enjoyed the art of Bob Kuhn, Ogden Pleissner, A. L. Ripley and others that were in the sporting magazines of the time. Bucky’s paintings reflect his continuing love and appreciation for nature and outdoor life and his many hunting and fishing experiences. Although Sporting Art, primarily bird hunting and fly-fishing, is his passion he does oil paintings of other subject matter ranging from marsh and low country landscapes to dogs and waterscapes. He paints a number of plantation hunt scenes and sporting dog commissions each year and his work is collected by many who enjoy the special touch he adds to each painting. He is honored to have his works hang in some of the finest homes, offices and plantations in our country.

Images of Bucky’s paintings are often used in Gray’s Sporting Journal and other national publications. The National Wild Turkey Federation and Ducks Unlimited have used prints of his paintings to raise money for their conservation efforts.

The Sportsman’s Gallery – Charleston, South Carolina
Paderewski Fine Art – Beaver Creek, Colorado
Paderewski Fine Art – Nashville, Tennessee

Charlie Warner Artist Photo

I studied Art at Young Harris College and the University of Georgia. The artists who have had the biggest impact on my own art are Ezra Sellers, Lamar Dodd, Hubert Shuptrine, and Vincent van Gogh. My approach to art… Just do it, and do it every day! I love details but I don’t like feeling I have to follow any certain predictable pattern with what I do. I am open to experimenting with different mediums because each different medium lends itself to a different expression. My preference is working from nature, but it certainly not limited to that. What I do today may not look like what I did yesterday. What I do tomorrow is always a surprise.

Charlie Warner

Cindy Fulks Artist Photo

Cindy Fulks is a representational artist in oils and pastels.  She maintains her studio, Studio 114, in downtown LaGrange, GA, next door to the LaGrange Art Museum.  She has studied under many talented and accomplished artists.  Her works can be found hanging in private homes and institutions, including Wellstar West Georgia Hospital, WellStar West Georgia Hospice Home, The Callaway Foundation building, Highland Country Club, Chick-fil-A Corporate Office, and other Galleries and Art Centers.  

Cindy works in Oils and Pastels to create representational art.  She works in Alla Prima technique, finishing each piece while the painting is still wet.  She enjoys the study of light and shadow and the various light reflections and the effects they make on the subject.  She finds inspiration in each new day and enjoys the lifelong journey for excellence in the world of painting.

Cindy Fulks

In addition to his native Georgia, the entire Eastern coast has provided John Wilson with a teeming abundance of wildlife and natural settings which he portrays in his  paintings.

“I try to capture a mood by painting a mystery into every painting — by not telling the whole story. Part of the excitement of viewing a painting is the stirring of senses and personal memories when you feel you’ve been in a similar spot or would like to be.  I hope each person will add that human dimension at which  I’ve only hinted in my paintings.”

Winner of an impressive  number of awards over the past five decades,  he has also had paintings selected for nationwide tours, such as the “Arts for the Parks” competition.  He  and his work have been featured in magazines, including “Sports Afield,” “Wildlife Art News,” and “Southwest Art” and his  paintings have been commissioned for use in “Shooting Sportsman” magazine.

John’s paintings are in private collections, museums and galleries. As a full-time artist with a degree in fine arts, he has had numerous one-man shows. He also exhibits in several prestigious shows each year.  

Keith Moore Head Shot

With a background in graphics design and the tender sensibility of an artist, Keith Moore delivers handcrafted wooden signs, logos, furniture, and paintings that both honor nature and meet the unique needs of his clients.

Whether he is creating a single sign or a complete package of logos, signs, artwork, and interior/exterior finishes, the essence of who he is and what he stands for are palpable in every piece and bring cohesion to the finished products.

Finding strength and inspiration in nature, Keith draws from the color palette of his surroundings: Blues from the skies and waters. Greens from the trees of early spring. Reds, golds, umbers yellows, and browns of autumn.

Patience, care, attention, and heart go into every piece he creates and feature symbols that give Keith direction both in his work and in his life: stars, hearts, spirals, feathers, and arrows. He prefers working with distressed and reclaimed wood, both to prevent the destruction of living trees and to allow aged wood to “speak” during the artistic process, revealing the wood’s special character.

Lori Harrell Photographer HeadshotLori Harrell is a life-long resident of West Point, GA. She earned her Digital Photography certificate from Columbus State University Continuing Education Program in 2010 and immediately caught the attention of judges, jurors, and exhibit directors. Her photographs have been showcased in many juried exhibitions throughout the state of Georgia. She had worked selected for an online gallery in Vermont. Her work has been published in coffee table books and several magazines. She is an active member of Photopia of Columbus, GA and the Visual Artists Alliance of LaGrange serving as VAAL vice president for the 2021 term. Also, she is the production photographer for New Horizon Community Theatre in West Point, GA.

Steve Close Artist Headshot

It’s been six years since I retired from teaching art for 28 years in Troup County public schools. I’ve enjoyed the transition from teaching students art to producing work.  Plein air, studio work and abstracts are areas that I continue to develop. Plein air painting is very challenging  because it forces one to react quickly to nature which allows your personal style to emerge. Studio work is the opposite allowing time to consider design and elements that make up the painting. Abstraction is the most fun but challenging style. Experimenting is fun but learning to trust instinct and intuition the challenging aspect. Enjoy the process is a mantra for many artist and I certainly do.

I attended college art classes during the early seventies and was influenced by abstract expressionism. Although most of my work is representational I’m trying to incorporate the paint quality of those artist. I strive for an interesting recognizable subject combined with an interesting surface quality to the paint. Letting paint be paint.

Steve Close

Steven Stinchcomb Artist Photo

Steven Stinchcomb

Susan Gadix Artist Photo

My passion for drawing and painting has grown over the past ten years while raising English pointing dogs. Art has been my avocation since early teenage years, and fortunately the passion continues to evolve and grow.

Originally, my primary interest was drawing, which is why my portraits of dogs look so realistic.   Most of my early drawings and paintings were of my dog Jake, a black and white English pointer. I used photographs as reference tools, while my dog was a “live” model. I have grown to love to study the structure of a dog’s head and work to try to capture the personality.  The progression from drawing to painting has continued to evolve to oil painting.  Two recent paintings are two bird dogs from a hunting plantation in GA, named Hunting Duo and another of a Brittany.

Making a little time for art has added some balance to my life. My long term goal is to create art that will provide lasting memories of pets for clients.

Susan Kilgore Gadrix

Drawing and Oil Painting