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JoAnn Camp Head Shot
JoAn Camp
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Susan Lenz
Cathy Fussell
Cathy Fussell
Marian Zielinski
Marian Zielinski

     Painting with Fabric is extended to August 29 at Artisans on the Square in Greenville GA, featuring four Studio Art Quilt Associates. Customers can shop in the gallery or from anywhere in the country through our recently added online sales.
JoAnn Camp of Greenville GA draws on her love of nature to create art quilts which look like acrylic or water color paintings from a distance. She starts with her own photographs, which she uses to create line drawings on fabric backing, then creates color and texture by gluing pieces of fabric onto the backing, after which she quilts the entire piece by hand guiding the fabric under a special quilt/embroidery machine to outline the patterns and colors.
     Susan Lenz of Columbia SC uses layers of polyester stretch velvet, metallic foiling, and recycled acrylic packaging felt to reflect her passion for historic buildings. The work is the result of hand-guided, free-motion machine embroidery and unusual melting techniques. Susan’s tools include three sizes of soldering irons and an industrial heat gun. Susan developed this unique process herself over a decade ago.
     Marian Zielinski of Macon GA incorporates painting, printmaking, computer graphic design, and photography into her quilting. The pieces on display in Painting with Fabric are created by “sun painting” where different colors are painted on cotton canvas, then placed in the sun to dry with different shaped objects on the canvas. This causes the paint to evaporate at different rates, leaving designs on the canvas. Free motion stitching creates definition for the final product.
     Cathy Fussell of Columbus GA creates art quilts, mostly in themes of Geography, Southern literature, and American modernism. She was commissioned to create “Apollo Splashdown – Homage to Alma Woodsey Thomas” honoring an African-American artist who was born in Columbus GA in 1891. This art quilt was presented to First Lady Michele Obama in 2016 and will hang in Barack Obama’s Presidential Library.